(This is the game to translate for LocJAM 6. For more details, check the event page the step by step guide. You can also see a full playthrough here)

"Not enough time" is a short pixel-art point & click adventure. It is a sequel to Uncle Lee strikes again and Once upon a Möbius strip, but it can be enjoyed as a standalone game as well. Our improved recipe features 500% more characters than the previous games!

You play as Ines, a 15-year-old girl who's on her way to Lake Fenfef for a relaxing trip with her uncle. Things, however, are never that easy when uncle Lee is involved, and she ends up stranded in time with nothing but a broken reality-fixing device™.

An unfinished version of this game was submitted to the 2023 Adventure Jam. The unfinished version ca be found here.

How to play

  • Left-click or right-click to move the character or interact with the highlighted object.
  • Dialogue lines can be skipped by pressing the "." (period) key. Skipping with mouse buttons can be enabled through the option menu.
  • Fullscreen mode can be enabled through the option menu.
  • Press and hold ESC to skip cutscenes.


  • Andrea Cerbone (Cerbo) - writing, art and animation
  • Paolo Cotrone (shamisenorchestra) - writing, original music
  • Giuseppe Sellaroli (apicici) - writing, programming, additional art and sounds, font design
  • Amanda Garcia - Original French and Mexican Spanish translations



  • v1.0 - launch version
  • v1.01 - added one missing line inside file text_translated.lua: "t[7] = "windows"  -- {TEXT, rooms/present.moon}" [ref]
  • v1.02 - added editable subtitle speed inside file text_translated.lua: "t.glyph_duration = 0.1" [ref]
  • v1.03 - fixed graphical issue on "collector" graphics [ref]

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.
The LanaPixel font (c) 2020, eishiya (https://mastodon.art/@eishiya) is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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Localization kit (password: locjam) 7.1 MB
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