A downloadable asset pack

Logo designed and created by Marco Guerra http://purinto.it

Free for use on any support (print articles, web articles, banners, t-shirts...)

- You cannot imply that you are affiliated with, partnered with, sponsoring, sponsored by, or endorsed by LocJAM.

- Creating "combined" names/logos like "LocJAM New York" is explicitly forbidden

- You are free to modify and adapt the logo if needed, provided that the new design matches the requirements above

- Whenever possible, please match LocJAM's capitalization (Loc in title case, JAM in all uppercase)

- When making a textual reference to LocJAM, please do not link to anything except http://locjam.org


LocJAM logos.zip 24 MB
LocJAM WMHD.zip 56 MB
LocJAM5.zip 67 MB