(This is the game to translate for LocJAM 5. For more details, check the event page the step by step guide. You can also see a full playthrough here)

Join Prince Xandar, hero of the cosmos and Maldrek, the galactic wizard on an adventure through time (forwards) and space (forwards, but also sideways and diagonally).

  • Swap between wizards to cast their own spells, such as Charm Humanoid, Mesmer, and Hyperdrive.
  • Fly between 18 quintillion* planets
  • Meet a bizarre cast of space aliens and wizard all over them.
  • Enjoy "Space Chicken" responsibly.

*Early estimates may be exaggerated, but at there's at least 2.


  • If you're stuck, use your spells! Or chat to your wizard pal!
  • Click ground to walk, and objects/characters to interact.
  • Move your mouse to the top of screen to open your inventory, and later to change characters
  • Equip items by clicking them. 
  • Use an equipped item by clicking it on an object or character.
  • Right Click, or Click empty space to unequip the current item.


MADE USING POWERQUEST A 2d adventure game tool for Unity made by Dave https://powerhoof.itch.io/powerquest

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The LanaPixel font (c) 2020, eishiya (https://mastodon.art/@eishiya) is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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